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    Welcome to the future of business.

about Brandbuddiez Brandbuddiez is a next generation phygital platform and solution designed for the brands to blend its physical and digital planes and bridging the gap between on and off-line experiences.

Our seamlessly integrated business model helps you to maximize your sales by leveraging the pros of both the platforms.

Our objective is to seamlessly integrate all touch points, collate and curate data to drive conversations that can help in creating conversions for the brands.

Brandbuddiez is committed to offering an ultimate and uninterrupted customer experience across both worlds.

We constantly work towards meeting and exceeding the expectations of all our stakeholders with customer satisfaction being out top most priority.

We are headquartered in Mumbai.

Our Expertise A Quality Experience Team

Physical ecosystem for brand

Brandbuddiez develops a seamlessly connected physical and digital ecosystem for your brand, ensuring that your brand has a relevant presence at all touch points visited by a customer.

Consumer finance application

We provide the retailer a system to ease out the process related to loan approval in less than 5 minutes. This gives the retailer and the consumer a hassle-free and joyful experience while selling and buying products on loan.

Influencer Management Program

Manage people who get you more sales and new clients. Keep the influencers of your business and the customers coming through them happy by offering them rewards and discounts and keeping track of everything related to them.


Manage all your sales force related information from attendance to sales performance, branch wise sales, total sales for a period, enquiries regarding product and many more in the easiest way through our mobile application.


The well-defined phygital platform helps brand to manage the experiences and aspirations of all its stakeholders. Today the brands have the duel challenges of managing consumer experiences across the channel as well as expectation of the partners who are manage these channels.

Brandbuddiez allow brands to effectively manage both customer experience as well as partners expectation by enabling brand to acquire customer from any platform and delivering through any platform. It is indeed an amphibious landscape offering the ultimate, uninterrupted customer experience across both worlds.

Brandbuddiez will be your true buddy in building next level Phygital ecosystem for your brand’s next generation business.


Customers expect businesses to provide services that are simple to understand, tailored to their needs, and rapidly delivered. They also expect to connect in real time and on demand through whatever channel they prefer – in person, over the Internet, by phone, or through a mobile device.

The loan transaction presents a pivotal opportunity for you, as a lender, to connect with a customer and build a relationship that will last for years. 

To stay ahead, lenders need to adapt to changing customer expectations, borrower trends, and new technology before new entrants can extend their customer footprint. 

Why Brandbuddiez Consumer Finance App?  QUICK, CONVENIENT,RELIABLE

Provides the retailers and the brands with attractive schemes and returns, Easy to use, takes less than 5 minutes for approval of a loan transaction and brings more consumers.

With brand buddies consumer finance app make more sales than ever and save time on all your loan approval processes.


Influencers are people who are your company's strategic partners and not employees. They can provide long term benefits to your company as they have the capability of swaying the customer's decision in your favor. By having our effective influencer management system you can maintain a controlling position over your companies marketing efforts.

Keep your influencers happy by giving them rewards and also build lasting relations with customers coming through them. Increase your business like never before and step into the most effective marketing strategy of today's time with brandbuddiez.


Manage your entire workforce at a touch. Keep a track of all your employees’ attendance and performance. Keep a check on all the branches and stores and see the performance of each store or branch for specific time periods. Maintain sales records for each employeee, branch/store and product. 

Our Aim is to help you in running your business effectively and efficiently without any problems.

Experience efficiency at its peak and results on the top with our shop promoters management app and keep all the information you need at your tips.